Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Look Inside Our Farmers Market...

Mark your calendars...May 7, 2011 is opening day at the Farmers Market on Congress St in New Market, Virginia. So since May will be here before you know it, we thought you might like to learn a little bit about the vendors that will be smiling and greeting you when you visit the Farmers Market...

Pure & Simple Farm. We sell raw honey and raw infused honey, and don't forget to ask about "The Local Bar" which are tallow soap, lotion bars and lip balms that are handcrafted using mostly local ingredients. And if you bring your honey jars & caps back to them, we will give you a 25 cent return deposit.

"We place an emphasis on sustainability and are committed to using ingredients in addition to our own that are local, fair trade, organic, wild crafted and/or cultivated without chemicals."

Wildtree. These are natural products that are free of MSG, food dyes, additives, preservatives and more. These products compliment other items at the Farmers Market for a healthy and nutritious meal. Stop by and sample before you buy.

"My product has side 'benefits' instead of side effects!"

Shenandoah Farms. Since 1993 we have developed our passion for farming and raising safe and healthy food. We utilize sustainable and natural practices that enhance the fertility of the soil as well as other media for growing our products. This, in turn, enriches the nutritional value of our products.

"It is our belief and integrity upon which we try to provide nutritious, safe and fresh product to you and your family."

Koda's Kookies. Seven years ago we decided to get a puppy, Koda, and I decided I wanted to feed him a healthier diet over a store bought diet, so after doing some research, I learned all about cooking for him and making him healthy snacks & treats and now I get to share those snacks with others.

"I want my furbaby to enjoy a healthy and tasty snack because he is more then a pet...he's a member of my family."

Free Spirit Farm. We make our own cleaning products such as: laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, carpet fresheners and more. They are better for the environment, safer for your home and healthier for your family. We also make blackcurrant jam, quick breads, needle-felted jewelry items, accessories and small folk-art paintings.

"The farm was quickly named 'Free Spirit Farm' as it became a place to grow and harvest creativity for our 'free spirits'."

Simply Basic Nutrition. We offer chemical free wheat products that I mill and use immediately therefore preserving the many healing nutrients that a kernel of wheat contains. I also offer an assortment of other nutritious products such as granola bars, granola, bread and much more.

"My goal is to offer suggestions that will encourage people to take back their health since the responsibility of good health lies within each and every one of us."

Mix It Up. A creation of mixes for your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Adding spice to your life is never a bad thing. Enjoy a cup alone or with someone special.

"Everyone needs to mix it up a little bit to keep from getting bored."

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