Friday, May 13, 2011

We have a new Vendor at the Market!

The Farmers Market on Congress Street is happy to welcome Monty of Cabin Creek Roasters to the market!

As a small volume, specialty coffee roaster located in beautiful Shenandoah County, Cabin Creek Roasters provides only the best coffee (100% Arabica beans) from around the world and delivers them fresh to their customers. The best cup of comes from freshly roasted beans, and Cabin Creek roasts only after an order is received or the day before a farmers Market. Customers area assured of freshness by the "Roasted on" date written on the package label.

Cabin Creek Roasters currently offers 14 single-origins coffees and 4 blends. Not every coffee is roasted to the same level (style). As Monty shared with us, "As Roastmaster it is my job to find the perfect roast style to enhance each coffee we import, so that each has its own taste, and is discernible from our other coffees. Roasting will not only bring forth the natural flavors and oils from within the bean, but it will also add a roasted flavor ranging from an essence of light cinnamon to a bittersweet caramel smoky flavor. It is my job as the Roastmaster to celebrate and honor the beans attributes with a perfect roasting recipe and then to recreate that same roast consistently. The roasting process is a lot of what sets good coffee apart from exceptional coffee. Like many of our customers, I'm passionate about coffee."

Ground coffee will be available in 2 oz and whole beans available in 1/2 lb bags. Monty plans to bring cold brewed iced Senedo Ridge Espresso for those hot summers days. The cold brew process creates a concentrate that can be blended perfectly with water, cream or 1 oz milk and MONIN coffee flavors to make a wonderful iced coffee or a skinny latte.

Stop by the market on Saturdays and meet Monty and see what he has available to delight coffee lovers!

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